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Our dedicated team advises global technology and life sciences businesses, financial institutions and their advisors on internationalisation. The approach of our team is to look at the client through the prism of their business model and vision, and to provide them with the local knowledge, ideas and support necessary to facilitate their international trade planning and execution.

From initial planning and tax structuring through to your first hire and payroll compliance, from outsourced accounting and bookkeeping to the preparation of your annual financial statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards, our dedicated team will be there with you.

Why Singapore?

Singapore is home to many of the world’s largest multinationals, including those operating in the information technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and financial services sectors. These companies establish operations in Singapore to serve local, international markets, and in doing so leverage Singapore’s advantages as a gateway to these markets.

These advantages include:

  • A low corporate tax rate – corporation tax on trading profits is 17%;
  • A common law jurisdiction, similar in nature to that of the US and the UK;
  • Availability of fiscal incentives for R&D activity;
  • Strong international broadband and transport connectivity; and
  • Supportive legal and economic environment for internationally trading businesses.

Why EisnerAmper Singapore?

We are well connected in the international trade and financial services ecosystems. As a member of EisnerAmper Global, and Premier International Associates, we can provide global compliance co-ordination. We work closely with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, service providers, trade bodies, international law firms and government bodies such as Economic Development Board(EDB).

We listen carefully to our clients, and will give practical and relevant suggestions to address their needs to operate in Singapore and in Asia.

Our team is made up of professionals with multidisciplinary and multinational backgrounds; people with life, global and industry experience who understand the execution of internationalisation and can help you grow your business.

How we help

  1. Initial Advisory and support
  2. Incorporation and employment pass
  3. Payroll & Human Resource Administration
  4. Accounting Services
  5. Tax compliance
  6. Financial Statements
  7. Corporate Secretarial

Initial Advisory and suppport

All businesses need support, especially when doing business in a new and unfamiliar location. Our experienced team will listen carefully to your needs and help you understand what is needed to operate in Singapore and Asia. We will provide you with the support you need in building a strong start.


Incorporation and employment passes

Based on your needs, we will suggest the steps you need to take in order to do business in Singapore and Asia. This might include incorporating a new entity, and applying for employment passes for any foreign employees which might wish to hire.

Payroll & HR Administration

Payroll is an administrative inconvenience, which unfortunately cannot be overlooked as it affects the net income of most companies. It requires the attention of experienced and well-trained specialists. Let us take this routine work off your hands so you can focus on the more important tasks of growing your business.

Accounting Services

A well set up and efficient accounting department is crucial for achieving high performance. It is imperative to have a timely, accurate picture of the company’s health at any given time. Our well-trained and experienced accounting outsourcing specialists are on-hand to tackle your accounting headaches on a monthly or yearly basis depending on your needs. Just hand us the necessary information, details and leave the rest to us.

Assess your monthly and yearly performance based on prompt monthly balance sheets, profit and loss statements, etc, without the hassle and extra costs of maintaining an accounting department.

Tax Compliance

Effective tax policy administration and planning rely on acute and intuitive understanding of the implications and impacts of tax on transactions and operations. Tax strategies and compliance potentially can be demanding, if not, economically inefficient, if ill-advised or poorly-planned.

Given our collective knowledge and continuous study of the latest tax legal and regulatory development that span across a wide range of industries, our ability to offer both businesses and individuals an undeniable edge in tax liability strategies remains unparalleled.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Services

Companies who are required to collect and file Goods and Services Tax (GST) may find the various laws and regulations hard to understand. Our GST services will help clients navigate the sometimes-confusing nature of this process. Our services include advising client on the pros and cons of GST registration for your business, completion of the GST registration forms and formalities and the preparation and filing of clients’ quarterly GST returns.

Corporate Tax Planning

With this service, we help clients implement tax optimisation strategies and advise on tax efficient employee remuneration strategies. We also advise clients on how to maximise and leverage on the various tax benefits schemes for local companies in Singapore.

Individual Tax Planning

Tax planning is not just for the rich with access to business trusts and offshore tax havens. For business owners and those working in Singapore with income that is taxable in Singapore, these are many ways to do some tax planning. We advise clients on how to take advantage of the various schemes and help them compile and submit their tax returns.

Corporate Secretarial Services

As statutory compliance to the Companies Act, corporate secretarial services are provided through Metropolitan Management Services Pte. Ltd..

Maintenance of Registers of Companies

Every company is required to have a corporate secretary, whose role spans everything from legal and accounting advice to corporate planning. It is crucial to have a qualified and experienced corporate secretary to ensure compliance to the Companies’ Act and to regulations, as well as to maintain the company’s books and registers in a proper manner.

Our experienced and proactive professionals will help you navigate the complexities of legislation and regulation. Responsive and sensitive to our clients’ individual corporate needs, our team will guide the management through problem-solving processes uniquely tailored to each company’s requirements.


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