Corporate Finance & Business Advisory

The key to attaining year-on-year growth is to constantly enhance your company’s performance. Our capable teams with multidisciplinary experience will help you achieve performance improvement and maximise profits by using cost-effective, efficient methodologies and tools. Our focus is on developing business solutions that succeed within a continually evolving business environment. With the collaboration of corporate advisory specialist, Latitude 33, we offer a complete range of services enabling you to manage your business more efficiently and profitably. Our qualified and experienced team is dedicated to provide precise business solutions that will help you achieve your goals in a constantly changing market environment.

Since 2005, we have been part of an international corporate finance advisory team helping companies raise capital in capital markets such as London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM). With our support and assistance, our clients were successfully listed on AIM.

Our services include:

Profit Improvement

Profitability is a function of many variables. By studying these variables thoroughly, we help you gain more insight on how they affect your company’s performance. Sometimes you would be surprised to find that only a small change in a certain variable is needed to generate a fantastic result in your company’s profitability. As your business partner, we aim to help build your company and watch it grow.

Profit improvement services include:

Profit Improvement
An analysis of our client’s operations to identify areas where the company can optimise functions in order to improve performance and achieve increased profitability.
Structure Review
An analysis on the efficiency of the client’s capital structure and how we can help enhance your flow of funds to increase operations and accelerate growth.
Long-Term Review
In this long-term partnership, we develop income-boosting strategies specifically tailored for your business as well as monitor your growth and eventually help you master the art of improved profitability.

Business Turnaround

There are various reasons why some companies under perform. We help companies analyse their situation and then develop strategies that will turnaround performance, bringing them back into stability and profitable operation.

Working Capital & Project Financing

A positive working capital is the lifeblood of each and every company. Poor planning could result in a sudden decrease in sales, which may threaten the stability of a company. By taking a snapshot of your cash flow position and analysing the adequacy of the cash flow, we can help develop a plan to right-size your company as well as restructure loans and debts.

Management Buy-Outs & Buy-Ins

The management of a company is one of the most vital parts of the company. Good management is difficult to find and even harder to retain. The secret to a successful management team is to ensure that their personal and financial goals are well-balanced, and the key to achieving this balance is to give them participation.

In certain cases, it may be wise for shareholders to cash out while allowing the management a significant stake in the company, thus giving them more freedom to maneuver and take the company to higher heights.

Our professionals are on hand to help draw up a proposal to the shareholders and assist with the negotiation process.

Shareholder Consultancy

We help shareholders assess the actions taken by the management and advise if these actions are in the best interest of the company. Our role is to also assist the shareholders in developing viable alternatives that will best serve the interest of the company.

Special Committee Assignments

We accept special committee assignments that focus on special tasks.

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