Corporate Advisory

Our team of professionals is on hand to assist you in a broad range of corporate finance advisory services. Through these services, we strive to provide the most suitable and efficient solutions to help you achieve optimum operations in a highly complex and ever-changing business environment.

Our services include:

Acquisitions & Strategic Investments

We are here to help you successfully manage your acquisitions and investments in this fast paced, ever-changing world. This is our approach:

  • Establish the main goals of the buyer
  • Approach candidates who can fulfill the goals of the vendor
  • Value the business
  • Negotiate and structure the transaction
  • Ensure that proper due diligence is carried out

Mergers, Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions to undertake and complete, and they are even more difficult to integrate. We have the experience to approach candidates, to value the pre and post merger value of the enlarged entity, to negotiate the process and help to ensure that due diligence is properly executed.

More importantly, our experienced professionals will ensure a seamless integration of the people and processes so as to prevent the value of the company from weakening after the merger.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

With our strong network of key people in various industries and especially in the venture capital arena, your future is in good hands. Our role is to help you prepare the business plan for submission to these venture capitalists as well as help you negotiate the process needed for investments by these firms.

General Financial & Strategic Advisory

For a company to flourish, it must have a sound strategy in place, both financial as well directional. Together with our management, we will help identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve these goals together.

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